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VA/DC HFMA Early Careerists Survey

You are one of our early careerists! Your active participation is the future of our chapter and adds value for other members. We hope to see you more!

Are you ready for another level of engagement? If so, consider collaborating as an early careerist partner with one of our experienced leaders!

As our industry continues to evolve, we have great opportunities for you to develop as well as offer your unique perspective for those who have been at things a while. As much as you’ll gain from a mentor relationship, so will your experienced leader! We ask for your ideas and participation interest as we plan a mentorship kickoff at our Spring Conference and Health Plan Summit in Richmond, March 14-16.

There is no commitment required through the following survey link, but we include an opportunity to be on our list for future mentor networking programs. We also will prioritize mentorship for the members who are registered for the Spring Conference and Health Plan Summit but cannot guarantee a partner for everyone who is interested.

Share Your Ideas Through Our Brief Confidential Early Careerist Mentor Survey

This survey is geared to gather your ideas, interest and demographic info that will help encourage positive mentor partnerships. You are not obligated to respond to all questions. Please note we do not view any questions’ response to indicate potential mentor quality.

ALL RESPONSES WILL BE MAINTAINED CONFIDENTIALLY among membership and education committee members developing this program. No information will be given to potential participants without your express permission.

1. How far you’ve come:
2. Do you want to be included in events that encourage a potential early careerist/mentor partnership, perhaps pairing you with someone who can offer perspective from greater years of experience in service?
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